What I Stand For


I stand for those who refuse to give up.

I stand for those who live from a place of love, compassion, fierce assertiveness and humour.

I stand for those who have found the bravery and strength inside of themselves to undo the layers of negative conditioning that built up over the years and kept them in survival mode and barely alive. 

I stand for those who have stepped into their crazy greatness and let it shine no mater how nerdy, awkward or beautiful it may be.

I stand for those who have found acceptance in themselves in a way that they can relax in the world wherever they are and however they feel without trampling on those around them.

I stand for those who want to be on the path to self actualization even if it means leaving everything they know behind.

I stand for those who have taken back control of their lives and now direct it where they want it to go.

I stand for those who refuse to give up and know that there’s always another day to start again. They know there’s no good or bad starting place. There is only a starting place, that we start where we are and define where we want to go.

We are people of this earth. We are brothers and sisters separated by millennium from the same mother. We’re all related on some level and so why not begin to fully embrace our united humanity and uplift each other?

We are strong. We are intelligent. We are compassionate. We are beautiful inside and out.

By choosing to be leaders in our own lives, we can lead by example and help to change the world one feeling, one thought, one action at