Waking up in a nighclub

For me the most difficult part of change is admitting what my current circumstances are.

Like most people, sometimes I lie to myself about the state of my life. It’s easier to live with blinders on and tell myself that everything is working as planned and I’m happy with where I currently am.

Taking the blinders off and being real with myself takes courage and compassion (to myself).

Sometimes we’re in denial more than we want to admit.


Waking up to your reality is like when you’re at a nightclub and it’s a glamorous night. Maybe even the most glamourous night of your life It seems as though everyone and everything shines.

And then the lights come on and you realize that you’ve been standing in a dirty mess in a semi ugly room all night.


That dirty mess is your real life once the rose coloured sunglasses have come off.

Acknowledging this can be painful.

Trust me, I know. It happens all the time because I’m constantly checking in with myself.

One thing that I’ve learned is that I shouldn’t get attached to the reality that’s a mess, or the pain I feel about it.


What I’ve learned to do is

Acknowledge it.

Feel it. By it, I mean the emotions that will come up when you acknowledge it. You can’t avoid this part.

Work through it by taking small action steps until you come through to the other side of it and then leave it behind you.

But, whatever you do, don’t get attached to it

Just get in the cab and go home.


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