Step outside your comfort zone by banishing this word from your vocabulary

This year I’m banishing the word “shouldn’t” from my vocabulary

This year, I’ve decided to throw off all of the things I’ve been conditioned to do, or not do, so that other people feel better (about what they’ve been conditioned to accept in their loves) The best way for me to do this is to stop saying “I shouldn’t”.
Ok, sure, there’s some things I still won’t do like drunk driving but there’s other things like I shouldn’t do like waste time but this year, I’ll do more of that. In fact, I’ve already started and it feels amazing!
The question I”m asking myself is “why not do those things?” If I’m being respectful and not hurting anyone in the process then there’s really no reason not to do it.
Modern life is so stressful and we have too many rules to follow and we risk people disagreeing with us when we break the rules. And, I’m tired of this. So tired..
Let them disagree! If what I’m doing is helpful to me and helps me grow in a healthy way (and, like I said, doesn’t hurt anyone else in the process) then why not?
Here’s to stepping outside our comfort zones and breaking our own rules!
How will you break your own rules this year?