Feeling Judged? Pfft.. Let Them Judge

Take back your power from the bullies

Judging others is human nature and is what keeps us safe and surrounded by friends. The problem comes from those who judge us as a way to hold power over us. 

You know the ones. The ones who makes comments on everything you do, whether you asked for their opinion or not. They don’t make the comments because they actually believe (at least) half of what they say. They make comments to hold power over you. 

They see you react and shrink away from them so they know it works. They see that they now have power over you.

When you stop reacting to their discouraging and hurtful comments, you take your power back.

When you begin to understand that they don’t actually believe most of what they’re saying, they lose their power over you.

They’ll begin to suspect that you know something that they don’t. Over time they’ll be drawn to you and want to be on your team. 

But don’t let them into your world until they’ve proved they’ve actually changed. Apologies, in both words and actions, can help with that. Even then, feel free to fiercely guard who you let into your inner circle.

When you stop caring what they think (because you understand that they’re just trying to get or hold onto power), your power will increase. So will your peace of mind, your freedom to act as you choose and your happiness in life.