Self coaching for the 21st century


I’ve always loved challenges but that didn’t always lead to an enjoyable or manageable life.

There’s nothing wrong with living life to its fullest but without a support system or guide, it’s going to be a lot more difficult.

This is where learning how to (life) coach yourself comes in.

I’m certified in:

  • Life coaching (specialization in stress management) – C.C.A.

  • Emotional intelligence (diploma) – University of Toronto

  • Mindfulness training (diploma)- University of Toronto

  • Reiki – Master/Teacher level (but please don’t talk to me about The Secret or anything like that. Woo-Woo is not my style at all)

  • Communications (B.A.) and Fashion Design (diploma) *this has noting to do with coaching; just throwing it in in case you were curious*

Here are some fun facts about me. I’ve …

  • Traveled extensively around the world which allowed me to visit sacred  sites in India, snowboard in the Rockies and play in the waves of Costa Rica
  • Meditated for over 30 years and took my bodhisattva vow 20 years ago
  • Shared drinks and meals with people from all walks of life (from CEOS and movie stars to homeless people). My conclusion? People are people no matter what they do in life
  • Love summer and tolerate winter
  • Never been married… at least not yet…
  • Worked in high pressure fields of television and fashion, along with other head wrenching jobs like bar tending, retail, and door to door sales
  • Have a ridiculously high metabolism so most of my money is spent on food
  • Can have a very dry sense of humour which not everyone gets

Have you noticed that while independent thinkers often have the most to offer the world, they also often have the least amount of support available to them?

Are you trying to find more calm and focus in your life without living like a hermit in the mountains?

Are you looking for someone to help you find the unshakable inner strength and confidence to stay true to yourself, and make smart decisions, in every situation you face?

If so, we should talk. 

I’ve studied systems that are easy to use and are very effective. Now I want to share them with you.

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