Misfits Rebels and Underdogs Coaching

You're not flakey

You're a multi-passionate,
multi-talented, multipotentialed person who wants to do it all

...and there's no reason why you can't


You’re a free spirit who doesn’t want to be boxed into only one career / hobby / style / […fill in the blank]


If you feel claustrophobic when you get pressured to commit to only one job or hobby, if your heart craves more inspiration, adventure and growth on a daily basis then let me assure you there’s nothing wrong with you.


You’re simply a multi-passionate, multi-talented, multi-potentialed person.


Welcome to the club.

So happy to have you join us! 


While you may be overwhelmed by the number of interests and ideas you have

and are wondering if you’ll ever lose the self-doubt that shuts down your efforts, again.. let me assure you that every multi-passionate, multi-potentialed and multi-talented person has gone, or is currently going, through this.


Yup, that’s right.

Every. single. one. of. us.


Again…welcome to the club! So glad to have you join us!


Feeling lost, overwhelmed and like an imposter in our lives is not how we’re supposed to feel everyday, is it?


No. No, it isn’t.


That’s where this site comes in.


It’s here to inspire, encourage and support you so that you can build a strong foundation on which to build your dreams on.


How good would it feel to untangle your thoughts, ideas and interests so that

you can create a life, and career(s!) that replenish and nourish your soul, 

satisfy your curious nature and give you the financial stability you’ll want to support it?


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Let's get real about living a multi-talented, multi-passionate multi-talented life

Tips, tricks, and discussions on how to control the overwhelm and create a life that works FOR YOU

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What it’s like working with me:

 I’ll help you see what’s been hiding in your blind spot and holding you back 

You’ll learn how to train your brain so you can see the spaces between the obstacles and easily move through them
You’ll create the life you’ve always wanted in a gentle yet effective way

I’ll share techniques I’ve learned from decades of meditation, mindfulness training, coaching and living on my own terms. 


These tools will stay with you for a lifetime and bring success into your life on your own terms

You're on this page because you want a change in your life

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