Misfits Rebels and Underdogs Coaching

You're not flakey

You're a multi-passionate,
multi-talented, multipotentialed person who wants to do it all

...and there's no reason why you can't


I know what it’s like to have so many interests, it’s hard to know where to start 

You want to enjoy life more and you suspect there’s a better way

     However… everyone else’s “way” isn’t working for you  

Hiding who you really are or following the same path as everyone else isn’t the answer

You’re unique and that means you need a different approach

The good news is there is another way

How good would it feel to untangle the web of your many interests and talents to create a life and career(s) that match who you are, satisfies your curious nature and gives you the financial stability to support it? 

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What it’s like working with me:

 I’ll help you see what’s been hiding in your blind spot and holding you back 

You’ll learn how to train your brain so you can see the spaces between the obstacles and easily move through them
You’ll create the life you’ve always wanted in a gentle yet effective way

I’ll share techniques I’ve learned from decades of meditation, mindfulness training, coaching and living on my own terms. 


These tools will stay with you for a lifetime and bring success into your life on your own terms

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