Life Coaching for
People who
don't fit in

Find your calm
in the
urban jungle

I offer life coaching for people who don't fit in

You may tell yourself

Being a misfit / underdog /rebel puts me at a disadvantage

I'm not strong enough to face this alone

Success means I'll lose that part of myself that I love

This will never work

People like me don't get what they want in life

I don't have the resources I need

It's just not possible

Success is for other people, not me

I don't have the support I need to succeed

I'll never be accepted for who I am

I need to accept I'll always be on the outside

they want in lif

None of this is true

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You’re here because you want to:

 Find your place in the world 
Express yourself in a successful way
Stop compromising on everything you do
Feel at home in the world
Go against the norm and still come out ahead
Find success while staying true to yourself
Prove the trolls wrong
Prove yourself wrong
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