Find where
you belong
in the world

Find your Calm in the Urban Jungle

Live life your way

Hi, I’m Suzanne. Exploring new styles and living an adventurous life has been my passion for a long time now. I won’t say it’s an addiction but, if you ask my friends and family, they’ll tell you I do it… a LOT.

Finding your place in the world can feel difficult especially when you’re a bit of a misfit, rebel or underdog. What I’ve learned is that it’s possible to live life on your own terms and be successful doing it.

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Sometimes we’re afraid we’re who people say we are. We’re not. Who other people say we are is just their opinion filtered through their own biases based on their upbringing, experiences and ways they learned to communicate with the world around them. The truth is, by building on our knowledge and previous experiences, everyone has the potential to intentionally transform themselves into a version that makes them feel proud of who they are and, just as importantly, supports them mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. Our past does not define our future and the future has yet to be written. So, IF YOU’RE READY TO:
  • Create a life that feels powerful and rewarding
  • Become that person you secretly dream of becoming
  • Face your fears in a completely non-scary way
  • Develop unbreakable mental strength
  • Learn how to coach yourself through any and everything
  • Start living life on your own terms
  • Find the people who understand, love and support you…
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